Nautilus is a well-known name in the fitness world, especially when it comes to home gyms. The company manufactures an extensive variety of gym equipment and among its offerings is the Nautilus E514c elliptical machine.

Upgraded from an earlier version, the E514c elliptical cross trainer, this newer exercise machine is equipped with 21 workout programs and you can store profiles and fitness data for two different users.

You also get 16 different resistance levels on this machine, which can add diversity to your exercise program to keep you from being bored and also work muscle groups at different levels as you train. Another welcome feature is the ability to pedal backwards, which can add yet another dimension to any workout.

Unfortunately, the stride length is set at 18 inches. That length is quite acceptable for many people and they will be able to get an excellent workout from this machine. However, if you are tall or have quite a lengthy stride, the 18-inch length with this elliptical may feel too short and perhaps uncomfortable.

As you are working out, you can check the blue, backlit LCD monitor to see how you are doing and take note of your pulse. You can check your pulse by holding the heart rate sensors on the elliptical’s stationary handlebars. You also purchase a chest strap with this machine for an additional, and typically more accurate, reading of how your heart is working. Along with heart rate, you can check the time, interval time, RPMs, watts, distance traveled, speed, calories burned, resistance level and course profile.

This machine comes with a 17.6 flywheel, which is a bit lighter than some of the other ellipticals we reviewed. The device is 62 inches long, 26 inches wide, 71 inches high and weighs 164 pounds. Someone who weighs up to 300 pounds can use it.

To make your exercise routine more pleasant, this elliptical comes with a water bottle holder, a retractable reading rack and a cooling fan. However, this elliptical does not come with a locking pin, speakers or an auxiliary jack to play music.

The warranty on this elliptical provides 10 years of coverage for the frame. In the warranty package, you also get two years of coverage on the parts and 90 days for labor.

Nautilus offers customer support through phone and email contact, as well as providing online product manuals. There is a FAQs section regarding warranty matters. However, there is no FAQs section about the machine.

Nautilus E514c Summary:

Although this is a lower-end elliptical trainer in terms of price, it presents a generous number of workout programs, several resistance levels and a generally good warranty package. You might find yourself saving cash and getting the perfect exercise regimen for you with the Nautilus E514c cross trainer.


Nautilus E514c

You can track your heart rate with hand-held sensors or a chest strap.

This elliptical has a fixed 18-inch stride.

The Verdict:

This elliptical trainer boasts several workout programs and resistance levels that give you an excellent exercise session.